ISSUES we help to solve

  • “Our story towards the market isn’t clear”
  • “We are perceived as one of many...”
  • "Our customers and employees are losing enthusiasm"
  • "Our product portfolio is aging"
  • Profits are being squeezed
  • Speed to market is low
  • “We have a strategy, but how do we make it work?”


SERVICES we provide

  • Building vision and strategy
  • Improve marketing and sales
  • Business innovation
  • New business development
  • Process improvement
  • Story telling on one page

Getting people on the same NEW page!

Our role

  • Visual strategist, consultant, challenger
  • Interim manager, energizer, initiator
  • Trainer: sales , strategic marketing
  • Idea generator, business designer
  • Boardroom inspirator and adviser

Innovation = new combinations with existing elements and moving freely across domains.

To do so you need:
1. Broad knowledge in many diversified fields, to have access to a lot of building blocks
2. Creativity and curiosity to envision new combinations
3. Communication to involve others

Visual Strategy has all three!

Peter Nijpjes, founder and owner of Visual Strategy

To contribute to people, nature and business through the creation of concepts, images and products that inspire solutions that bring growth, harmony & flow.

Peter Nijpjes