WHY Visual Strategy

We boost and revitalize your business, through a combination of sharp analytics, business knowhow and visualization skills.
For starters we create clarity and insight. Literally.
From there we help you build your strategy, value proposition, better processes or message.
The right visualizations are a great tool to mobilize the constructive energy inside your team and company, speed up implementation and thus accelerate achieving your objectives.

With over 25 years of experience in international business, ranging from product development to commercial responsibility at board level, Peter Nijpjes decided to combine his analytical and creative skills and founded Visual Strategy. His background in industrial engineering and design enables him to create insight into complex issues and generate fresh solutions.
Visual Strategy is your energetic partner to build your differentiating strategy and improve your processes and results. Unique visuals help your organization to move from talking to thinking, action and benefits.

tekening Visual Strategy

WHY visualization

  • Sketching unlocks group knowledge and the potential in your organization
  • It communicates ideas clearly and invites people to contribute
  • Creates overview and understanding of interdependencies and relations
  • Provides a new and fun way to tell your story
  • Elevating the energy level and thus its impact: accelerate acceptance -> realization

Visual Strategy: analyze => share => inspire => build and mobilize => realize